CommScope’s New High-Speed Migration Platform Prepares Data Centre Managers for Decades of IncreasedBandwidth

HICKORY, N.C., May 16, 2017— As the world embarks on a potential fourth Industrial Revolution, it is the 30 to 50 billion connected devices that will spur the unprecedented growth in bandwidth. The next few years are critical to building the networks that will meet the demand. In anticipation of this need, CommScope, a leader in communications network infrastructure solutions, is introducing its High-Speed Migration platform that assists data centre managers with building faster, more agile, high-density migration plans.

“With our High-Speed Migration solutions, we’re able to help data centre managers accelerate the growth of their DC capacity and the speed of their digital transformation initiatives,” said John Schmidt, vice president of Global DataCenter Solutions at CommScope. “We are quickly moving from 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s to 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s and beyond. The more data consumers and network users need, the more services they expect, the more critical speed becomes. This is a global phenomenon and one of the top challenges that data centre managers will face.”

CommScope’s High-Speed Migration portfolio works for duplex and parallel applications and allows customers to decide on the best approach to architecture. It also supports higher speeds and emerging applications without having to rip and replace. More than that, the platform allows CommScope to act as a trusted partner with our highly trained team of network architects who understand a customer’s business needs and provides insight to future data centre ecosystems and technology trends. The following innovative solutions are part of the first phase of the High-Speed Migration platform and support current and future high-speed applications:

  • MPO connectivity options: 24-fiber connections that ensure lowest first cost duplex deployments with a single connection, 12-fiber to support the seamless expansion of legacy 12-fiber infrastructures, and 8-fiber support QSFP technologies, providing for customers utilising this parallel optic configuration.
  • Fibre optic panels: Ultra- and high- density panels that simplify management of duplex and parallel ports for dynamic migration and flexibility.
  • Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) performance: Ultra-low loss pre-terminated components enable longer link spans with more connectivity options and guaranteed support for attenuation-sensitive applications.
  • LazrSPEED® WideBand OM5: Part of the flagship CommScope SYSTIMAX® portfolio most recently designated OM5 by the ISO/IEC. It enhances the ability of short-wavelength division multiplexing to provide at least four-fold increases in usable bandwidth while maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy multimode fibre.
  • imVision®: The automated infrastructure management system (AIM) that gives oversight and control to SYSTIMAX physical network connectivity solutions.

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As part of CommScope’s entire High-Speed Migration strategy, solutions include all fibre types (multimode and single mode), intelligence and customised connectors for all data centres.

Delivering connectivity resources at scale has become a competitive differentiator, per Jennifer Cooke, research director in IDC’s Datacenter Trends and Strategies group. Digital transformation initiatives are built on making data-driven decisions, and the ever-increasing need for speed will challenge network and data providers soon.

“Preparing to meet this challenge requires not only investment but a strategy and vision to transition when and where resources are needed,” said Cooke. “CommScope’s high-speed migration services meet a critical need in the market by providing a bridge between current and future demand and supporting a strategic vision for data centre and network transformation.

CommScope will host a Twitter chat on May 17, from 10:00 a.m. CDT to 11:00 a.m. to answer questions about high-speed migration. Use #COMMtweets to tag your question at the company handle, @CommScope.

Click here to download approved CommScope data centre images, as well as the Ethernet Alliance’s Ethernet roadmap. It shows the dramatic ascent to 800Gb and 1Tb, which is expected to occur by as soon as 2020.


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