Snowflake’s new standard of elasticity comprises instant provisioning, on-demand performance, on-demand concurrency and per-second pricing, saving Snowflake customers up to 80%.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Nov 1, 2017 – Snowflake Computing, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced the availability of Instant Elasticity. Snowflake customers can now define their service level agreement (SLA), while providing an unlimited number of users with consistent performance, predictable pricing and no overbuy. Customers save money with true cloud elasticity, enabled by the instant availability of computing resources to meet their organization’s needs, while only paying for exactly the resources they use.

Instant Elasticity consists of the following features:

  • Instant provisioning – With just a few clicks, enable any amount of computing power based on the size and nature of your workloads.
  • On-demand performance – Once you apply your preferred computing power, instantly scale that resource up or down to get the performance you desire.
  • On-demand concurrency – Using the multi-cluster warehouse, instantly provision and release additional capacity based on your number of concurrent queries.
  • Per-second pricing – Snowflake is the only data warehouse that bills by the second, harnessing the true value of instant provisioning, on-demand performance and on-demand concurrency so customers only pay for the resources they use.

Some of the significant benefits of Instant Elasticity include:

  • Predictable pricing – Decide exactly how much horsepower to throw behind your workloads and predict, in advance, the estimated cost.
  • Faster performance – Spin up larger amounts of computing power for shorter periods of time to obtain quicker, actionable insights.
  • Reduced costs – Eliminate the cost of an idle warehouse by paying only for the seconds of computing your organization consumes. Faster is free!

Snowflake’s unique architecture, which truly separates computing from storage, and Snowflake’s cloud-built elasticity, enables customers to instantly provision and scale as many computing clusters needed to support an unlimited number of users and processes, without impacting performance and eliminating the cost of per-hour pricing.

In addition, Snowflake customers don’t have to endure the laborious task of manually provisioning resources, which many data warehouses require. Just log in, and with a couple of clicks you’re up and running. Snowflake customers already capitalizing on Instant Elasticity have seen up to 80% cost reductions, with an average savings of 24%. All Snowflake customers already benefit from instant provisioning, with warehouse availability in less than one second, 95% of the time.

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Snowflake makes Instant Elasticity possible because it’s the only data warehouse built for the cloud. Other, so-called cloud data warehouses are merely legacy, on-premises technologies moved to the cloud, providing minimal additional benefit. Other data platforms, such as query services, have their own shortcomings. These solutions fail to deliver in the following ways:

  • Legacy architecture – Unlike Snowflake, computing and storage are locked together, and as a result, so is pricing, preventing per-second billing.
  • Inelastic solution – Without instant, on-demand scaling, accessing the true benefits of per-second billing are impossible.
  • Bulk billing – Many data warehouse cloud offerings still charge by the hour, forcing enterprises to pay for unused and idle data warehouse time.
  • Unpredictable pricing – Query services that bill based on the amount of data scanned make it difficult to predict the cost of a query before it is executed.

HotelTonight is a mobile travel app that allows users to find discounted hotel accommodations up to seven days in advance. The company uses Snowflake to predict consumer behaviour and better serve its hotel and retail customers. “Snowflake already provides us with a revolutionary cloud data warehouse architecture and technology,” HotelTonight’s Head of Data Engineering, Jonathan Geggatt said. “They’ve now taken the technology to the next level by coupling Snowflake’s unique elasticity with per-second pricing. It’s changing the way we perform our analytics, for the better.”

Millions of users across the world rely on Runkeeper, a leading mobile fitness app, to track workouts, set goals and connect with the community to stay motivated. Every time users create events, such as starting a run, sharing with a friend or responding to a push notification, they generate data that helps Runkeeper understand how to improve the customer experience. “Snowflake’s architecture continues to enable revolutionary new features such as Instant Elasticity,” Runkeeper’s Director of Platforms, Karla Goodreau said. “The cost savings are significant and time to value has also shortened, making us rethink what’s now possible when it comes to our data analytics.”

Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia said: “Snowflake continues to drive data warehouse innovation. Instant Elasticity delivers even better value to our customers, enabling organizations to cost-effectively provide all their users access to all their data for unlimited insight. Instant provisioning, on-demand performance, on-demand concurrency and per-second pricing make Snowflake the most powerful and efficient cloud data warehouse available. We’re proud to announce Instant Elasticity so enterprises can obtain true, data-driven insight from the no. 1 data warehouse – Snowflake.”

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