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Building cyber resilience across the supply chain

While the world is becoming increasingly interconnected and digitised,...

Why is Cloud security failing to keep pace?

The cloud is now a significant attack surface for...

CIF Presents TWF – Evan Lever

In this episode of our weekly interview show, TWF!...

Battle-Ready Cybersecurity: Top 4 Tactics to Empower Teams Against Cyber Attacks

Security teams don’t need to spend wildly to combat the growing danger from cyber attacks.

Want to improve your cybersecurity posture?

The UK’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey released earlier this...

CIF Presents TWF – Miguel Clarke

In this ninth episode of our weekly news and interview show, Tech Wave Forum, host and CIF CEO David Terrar, will discuss his take...

Supplementing CNAPP: Why APIs and cloud apps need additional API security

For API application protection, organisations need to focus on implementing security solutions that understand how APIs are built, deployed, and exploited and how this can unnecessarily expose applications.

The cost of cybercrime to our emotional wellbeing

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts had the luxury of belting out those lyrics before the modern internet age, back when counterculture was subversive, cool,...

Why Throwing Money at Ransomware Won’t Make It Disappear

Organisations need to think differently about cybersecurity if they want to mitigate risk and recover quickly from an attack. There are about 1.3 million ransomware...

Is CNAPP the biggest security category in history?

As more and more organisations migrate their environments to the cloud, the need for cloud native applications security has never been higher.

Is Cybersecurity Finally Becoming a Business Enabler?

In the current dynamic business world, the importance of cybersecurity has transformed from being a gone from being a safety and compliance requirement to an indispensable contributor to business health and success.

Tips to Spot Patterns & Reduce Invalid Survey Responses

When you're trying to extract meaningful information from survey responses, it can be challenging to know whether the email address provided by a respondent...

How critical organisations can spot unseen threats much sooner

Bad actors are everywhere. In embracing deep observability, both public and private companies will ensure that when their time comes, they can react accordingly to minimise damage.

The Importance of Investing in EDR for SMEs

In the first 6 months of 2022, there were over 10,000 new ransomware variants discovered. No business is immune from a breach, as highlighted by the many cases making headlines today.

Backup Security: Protecting Business-Critical Assets from Ransomware

There is an obvious need for more robust storage and data management, as the complexity of applications and the value of data are both rising because of digital transformation.

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