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Unlocking the Full Potential of a Cloud ERP solution

It's no secret that organisations today are on the...

Embracing repatriation for cloud optimisation: Reclaiming control

“You’re crazy if you don’t start in the cloud;...

The Three Guiding Principles for Optimising Cloud Costs

One of the often-cited barriers to Cloud migration is...

3 Ways The Latest Cloud Solutions Can Help Improve Sales Performance

Cloud computing is similar to web-based email clients, enabling...

Building Trust in the Cloud: How to Secure Your Digital Assets

Along with a shift left approach to software security ownership, there was another, quieter shift left – that of digital trust.

The Cloud ERP debate – security versus operational disruption?

Before rushing to make the switch over to cloud ERP, businesses must first understand the operational responsibilities that can minimise disruptions.

Improving cloud migration efficiency with automated testing

A key factor in this too often overlooked is the need to implement and deploy a comprehensive migration testing approach for applications, processes, and data across the entire business.

Creative Cloud: Driving Brand Identity

In a world where so many ideas have been ‘done already’, creativity is integral to a successful business in today’s environment, and every business should aim to develop a high-quality creative team as a result.

Cloud migration: Easy to start, harder to finish?

Cloud migration has become a leading objective for virtually all businesses, regardless of industry.

Core to cloud: the next phase in telco cloud adoption 

They need the power and scale of cloud in their core system capabilities to remain competitive, offer innovative services and avoid losing customers.

The Changing Role of Partners in SAP’s New Cloud Mindset

Recent changes from SAP has left many partners wondering what the next steps are in providing cloud services, especially given SAP’s insistence on developing a ‘cloud mindset’, and emphasising its Activate Methodology and Fit to Standard workshops to achieve this.

Navigating the Energy Crisis with Efficient Cloud Infrastructures

y now, businesses everywhere will have felt the impact of energy prices that have risen significantly since the end of 2021

The future of cloud cost optimisation

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, cloud computing is a vital part of many companies’ processes.

5 Barriers to Cloud Modernisation

Migrating IT from on-premises systems to the cloud offers a range of benefits, including lower IT maintenance costs, greater scalability, or flexibility, quicker time to value, and the ability to enable business continuity amidst industry disruption.

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