QStory publishes new White Paper: “The Next Step Up in Contact Centre Performance”

QStory, a provider of end-to-end automated Intraday Management solutions for contact centres, has announced the publication of a new White Paper entitled “The Next Step Up in Contact Centre Performance”. The publication is aimed at contact centre, human resources and training professionals and provides a practical guide to maximising agent idle time for coaching and other skills improvement activities.

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Paddy Coleman, CEO of QStory commented, “Contact centre organisations strive to deliver exceptional customer service whilst making the most of agent time and valuable skill-sets. However, when service levels are squeezed, training is often the first casualty. 

“By combining the latest Intraday Automation with a well-established WFM infrastructure, managers are better able to manage a mix of people with different skills, preferences, contracts, schedules and breaks in real time. Readers of our new white paper will learn why technology has a strategic role to play and how Intraday Automation should be an intrinsic part of every HR professional’s talent management, career progression and training programme armoury.” 

To download the white paper please visit QSTORY WHITEPAPER.

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