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Generative AI: The Urgency to Accelerate Digital Transformation

There is virtually nowhere on the Internet you can...

Cracking the AI code: The recipe for successful human-AI collaboration

You’ve no doubt seen the relatable AI memes travelling...

Inside ChatGPT plugins: The new App Store for brands?

The evolution of ChatGPT this year has touched on nearly every sphere of society, sparking intense debate over the impact of AI on education, employment, culture and the very nature of communication.

Supercharging Financial Planning with Generative AI

Data-driven decision-making becomes a reality with generative AI, as it eliminates the biases and limitations of human judgement.

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Organisations must now develop robust strategies to safely manage AI adoption and usage, with a strong focus on CSR and corporate risk.

Dashing across AI’s highway to the danger zone

Ultimately, the synergy between human expertise, AI capabilities, and analytics leads to informed decision-making and propels businesses towards sustainable success in the era of AI.

Why It’s The Fusion of ChatGPT and Knowledge Graphs Will Make All the Difference

It’s important to note that you can’t achieve these outcomes simply by connecting ChatGPT with a document cache.

How AI can streamline procurement and supply chains

AI can power smarter, data-driven decision making, creating more agile supply chains that can react faster to volatility and protect business continuity.

How AI can improve battery cell R&D productivity

Everything from managing sensitive global supply chains, to aggregating and evaluating data gathered from fleets through cloud computing to improve battery management.

AI and ML: Transforming Industries and Shaping the Future

Discover how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionising industries such as healthcare, finance & manufacturing while shaping the future of our world.

How to add AI to your cybersecurity toolkit 

A successful implementation of AI in cyber defense requires a solid data governance system, reimagined incident response frameworks, sufficient talent and expertise to manage the new system, and established documentation practices.

How Synthetic data is used to remove bias in AI

synthetic data can be used in various ways in AI and machine learning, from data augmentation and anonymisation to testing and scenario simulation.

AI Security VS AI Cybercrime – A Game of Cat and Mouse

With cybercrime continuing to rise and become ever more complex, Philip Bindley, Managing  Director of Cloud and Security at Intercity, discusses how artificial intelligence...

What are the Basic Characteristics of the Learning Times of the Efficiency Data Scientist Work?

As data collection increases globally, so have the demand for building a framework and solutions for data storage. These processes have, in turn, given...

Essential Points to remember before starting mobile test automation

Smartphones have become powerful, sophisticated, and advanced over the years. From just being a device to communicate, now smartphones are leveraged to do any...

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