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The Great Data Clean Up: SAP Master Data Management

Whether a business is an SAP user or not - but especially if it is - master data is crucial.

CIF Presents TWF – John Hayden

In this seventh episode of our weekly news and...

DORA and its impact on data sovereignty

According to the European Commission, no less, ‘data is...

The motivations behind establishing a UK-US ‘Data Bridge’

The Schrems II ruling emphasised the importance of the robust due diligence businesses must undertake before transferring personal data anywhere outside of the EEA – not just to the US.

Instilling data-centricity through the right company culture

How well an organisation puts its data into action defines its success in the hyper digital economy.

Creating consumer peace-of-mind with all-encompassing data security

Data security and privacy is only going to move into the consumer spotlight more over the next few years. Concerns continue to grow for consumers who hand over their personal data to the businesses they interact with and purchase goods from.

Preventing data sovereignty from confusing your data strategy

The reason why sovereignty is so important, is that it enables organisations to be innovative with their data and deliver new digital services. Historically, there has been a distinct lack of trust in the cloud, leading to a lack of innovation.

Data is the key to unlocking investment for emerging markets

It should be clear then that data, and transport data in particular, is crucial to securing the kinds of public and private investment that will take emerging market economies from recovery, towards sustained (and sustainable) growth.

Shopping for Data: Ensuring a seamless user experience 

This combination can drive a business’s data culture and provide a structured approach for businesses to benefit from data intelligence across their operations, with only a few clicks.

How Synthetic data is used to remove bias in AI

synthetic data can be used in various ways in AI and machine learning, from data augmentation and anonymisation to testing and scenario simulation.

5 key considerations for moving your data to the cloud

In an increasingly hybrid world, you need a provider that can help you shift your workloads from on-prem to the cloud in a way that works for your specific needs.

Overcoming the increasing challenges to data solution providers

To address this situation, companies can choose to store data in a more sustainable way, with a company that focuses on renewable sources of energy, sustainable practices and technology that has a proven energy consumption of around 40% less than a legacy data centre. 

The future of cloud and edge optimisation

As more enterprises use multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures, the danger of cost overruns and loss of control increases.

How Business Data Can Be Protected, Even with Remote Workers

According to a study conducted by OwlLabs, approximately 69% of survey respondents worked remotely during the pandemic or are now working from home since.

Retaining talent and boosting business with people data

As with many elements of today’s society, the workplace is undergoing an evolution. More and more people are opting to leave their jobs or...

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