MidoNet Achieves Certification with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 7

Midokura, the global innovator in software network virtualisation, today announced Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Version 7 (RHEL OSP 7) certification for the latest version of Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM), a scalable network virtualisation solution designed for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. With MEM as the first certified plugin for RHEL OSP 7, Midokura and Red Hat will help drive enterprise adoption for OpenStack cloud deployments.

“The strength of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform lies in joint engineering with RHEL and the robust ecosystem of certified networking solutions,” said Adam Johnson, VP of business for Midokura. “We are pleased to be working closely with Red Hat and the OpenStack Neutron core team to drive requirements from enterprises and web services companies into our joint solutions.”

Announced in May, the latest MEM offers an intelligent, software-based network abstraction layer between the hosts and the physical network, by decoupling the IaaS cloud from the network hardware. Operators in turn can build isolated networks in software that overlays the existing hardware-based network infrastructure. The new enterprise-grade MEM release offers enhanced operational and management features, along with new support for OpenStack Kilo, and for container-based environments, such as Docker.

Midokura continues to see overwhelming demand for its award-winning MEM and open source MidoNet technology worldwide. Midokura is the trusted network virtualisation vendor of choice for large-scale OpenStack deployments for leading organisations, including Blue Jeans Network, Dell and Colt-KVH.

Midokura is a proud participant of the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners program, which connects business and technical resources to third-party technology companies who are aligning with Red Hat’s OpenStack product offerings. For the full list of solutions certified for RHEL OS 7 and other products in Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio, visit Red Hat’s Certified Solution Catalog.

For information on support, services and costs for the latest MEM technology, [email protected].

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