Raising talent attraction and retention with IT investment

To be at the centre of talent attraction and retention, businesses should make use of workplace technology that enables them to integrate collaborative, secure and sustainable measures into their operations.

“The need for speed” – Finding a way to unlock agility for today’s businesses 

To fully support agility, the solutions chosen will need to enshrine all the latest innovations in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning or prescriptive analytics.

Cybersecurity stress: how to safeguard your organisation and avoid IT burnout 

For organisations to improve their security, they must seek visibility of all the components that go into the software they use.

How Cloud Native Application Protection Reinforces Your Cybersecurity Posture

By implementing strong access controls, encrypting sensitive data, regularly monitoring and auditing cloud environments, using trusted cloud service providers, and training employees on cloud security best practices, organisations can take the necessary steps to protect their cloud-based systems and data from cyber threats.

How 5G is changing business operations in 2023

The ongoing rollout of 5G is giving rise to a whole host of new enterprise business applications and services which opens doors for CSPs to reach new vertical industries and boost revenue.

Organisations are not standing still in cloud adoption

Despite companies being at different stages in their journey to the cloud, what’s clear is that no one is standing still.


TD Synnex is a leading global distributor of technology products and services, offering its customers a comprehensive range of products and services. The company...

Weathering the unpredictable, with cloud migration

In light of this unpredictable and alarming economic situation, businesses are having to reevaluate the way they operate.

Use Video to Educate Employees About Benefits

Video is an excellent choice for many concepts and educational opportunities, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect for every situation.

Why a Digital Twin Graph Will Help Manage Real-World Complexity at Scale

Digital twins are computer models of the real business world. They help asset owners understand the details of what is happening, in real-time as well as retrospectively.

Nastiest Malware of 2022 from a business perspective

With 2023 around the corner, we’ve seen yet another eventful year for the threat landscape and malware continues to be centre stage in the threats posed towards individuals, businesses, and governments.

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