Zoopla Property Group moves to Cloud BI with Birst

As a recent first time home buyer I can honestly say that Zoopla is a game changer in the way we look at property. The information it makes available to users is invaluable, it has the potential to ease some of the stresses that purchasing property puts on a buyer. Having direct access to statistics and charts for the areas that you’re looking to purchase in takes the hassle out of trying to value an area, and predicting where to buy investment properties that will make good returns. 

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Last week it was announced that Zoopla Property Group (ZPG) has chosen Birst’s Cloud BI platform for its analytics and business intelligence programmes. Birst Cloud BI will be used to integrate data from across ZPG’s leading online property brands such as Zoopla, PrimeLocation and HomesOverseas.

ZPG owns and operates a range of online property brands used by customers for managing the process of finding their next home location, whether this is in the UK or overseas. As the company expands the range of services it offers to house buyers and home-owners, the role of analytics will continue to develop, as well.

As part of the move to Cloud BI, ZPG will bring together information from multiple applications, including its CRM system, marketing automation, web analytics and social platforms. By bringing the data from their multiple brands together, ZPG aiming to use Birst BI to improve its marketing campaigns through more efficient targeting, audience segmentation and attribution.

Jay Larson, CEO at Birst, said, “The role of data within businesses continues to develop, particularly in online industries, where decisions have to be made faster and more accurately than the competition. For companies such as ZPG, Cloud BI brings together information from multiple applications in a governed way, enabling IT to control data centrally while giving users across the business access to analytics. This approach helps people ask their own questions, share the results of analytic enquiries with their peers and contribute to improvements in performance for everyone.”

“The role of data in this growth plan is significant, as it will support our employees in tailoring outreach, marketing and customer service campaigns for the right audiences at any given time”

“Today, ZPG provides customers with online services that support their house hunting. We are expanding this range of services to become the primary market resource for everyone involved in buying, selling and managing property. The role of data in this growth plan is significant, as it will support our employees in tailoring outreach, marketing and customer service campaigns for the right audiences at any given time. Birst has been chosen to support these plans, based on our requirements for a flexible, agile BI platform that will keep pace with our aims,” said Stephen Morana, Chief Financial Officer at ZPG.

The marketing department  is a good example of where the use of cloud can provide more value – but there needs to be a decision made on whether the improved value is just for the department, or for the business as a whole.

Carl Tsukahara, CMO at Birst, said, “Many companies are embarking on digital transformation initiatives too, which can complicate this process as well. Joining together data from multiple departments can therefore really help Marketing, as this can be used to recreate the whole customer journey using data. Networking this data together and letting people ask their own questions can help show where there are real opportunities to improve results for the whole business.”

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“Customer data sits in multiple places within a business – these can be traditional apps, Cloud-based services, or information provided by third parties. Getting insight out of this data is a great opportunity for Cloud deployments. Business users don’t care about the issues of data quality or normalisation, they want to get their questions answered. For IT, issues like accuracy of data over time and collaboration can affect the success of these projects, so keeping governance and control over the data sources can be important. However, this can ultimately make the data discovery process and use of analytics easier too. By virtualising BI using Cloud, analytics can be made available to everyone.”

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