MariaDB Fortifies Enterprise-Grade Features for OLTP in Spring 2016 Release

MariaDB® Corporation, the recognised leader in open source databases for Online Transactional Processing (OLTP), today announced the Spring 2016 release of MariaDB Enterprise. MariaDB’s upcoming offering addresses the most pressing enterprise data management challenges. New capabilities defend data against application and network-level attacks, support faster development of high-performance applications, and deliver higher service levels at lower cost.  MariaDB also introduced the MariaDB Security Audit service to help customers identify and remedy data security weaknesses.

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The performance and security enhancements reflect growing use of MariaDB in large, mission-critical applications in on-premise and cloud environments.

The MariaDB Enterprise Spring 2016 release raises high availability to a new level with connection pooling, automatic failover, and integration of Galera multi-master cluster technology.  Customers with mission-critical applications will benefit from over a dozen transaction processing performance improvements that include InnoDB storage engine optimization, memory optimization to boost query response, and numerous enhancements from WebScaleSQL created by the user community.

The Spring release provides security at every level in the database. It protects against SQL Injection and denial of service attacks, and transparently encrypts data both at rest in the database and in motion to and from applications. Customers can reduce the risk of data breaches by storing encryption keys in their choice of independent key management systems including ones from Eperi, and can leverage stronger Kerberos authentication, password validation plugins, and role-based access control.

The innovations within MariaDB Enterprise were created in part by collaboration with MariaDB open source community.  The company’s ability to leverage that vast community for continued innovation and rapid threat identification ensures  the continued superiority of MariaDB capabilities at a faster release schedule than proprietary database vendors can offer.

“Our customers and user community are our inspiration, our guide, and our partners in creating database software that can harness emerging opportunities and anticipate security threats that all companies face.  Proprietary solutions just can’t keep up.” said Michael Howard, CEO of MariaDB.

MariaDB Security Audit service helps companies evaluate the security policies, technologies, and practices used with their MariaDB database to identify procedural and technical gaps that create vulnerabilities and increase legal, financial, and brand reputation risk. The service will also assist existing MariaDB users in leveraging the full extent of the solution’s security capabilities.

With innovations created collaboratively by the MariaDB Open Source community and MariaDB  engineering, MariaDB Enterprise Spring 2016 delivers the most high-available, high-performing, secure open source database on the market.

The MariaDB Enterprise subscription includes the newest version of MariaDB server 10.1.12, LGPL connectors, MariaDB MaxScale 1.4, developer enablement and DBA productivity tools, database management plugins, and expert 24×7 support and services to address the needs of mission-critical applications.


The MariaDB Enterprise Spring 2016 release, with MariaDB MaxScale, will be available this spring. For more details about features or for pricing information, visit

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