CensorNet Launches In-Built Cloud Application Control Functionality

The new Secure Web Gateway bridges the gap between Web Security and Cloud Application Control to offer customers ability to discover and analyse cloud application use in a single solution.

“From Dropbox to Twitter, Salesforce to LinkedIn, now, more than ever, businesses need visibility and the ability to control what information and data their staff can access. They are using a plethora of cloud-based applications within the workplace which need to be monitored from a productivity, security and protection of intellectual property perspective,” says Ed Macnair, CEO of CensorNet.

With cloud application adoption and BYOD growing at an exponential rate, CensorNet has announced it has launched its cloud application discovery and analysis functionality for its Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution.

The first of its kind, CensorNet’s new Secure Web Gateway allows organisations to have full real-time visibility and control of all aspects of web access and cloud application use across all devices, including BYOD, in a single solution.

CIOs and IT departments are under increasing pressure to provide employees with reliable and secure web access, whilst controlling the use of cloud applications; all without compromising data security and preventing the sprawl of Shadow IT. However, current web security solutions are outdated and unable to meet the current demands and complexity of modern business applications. To bridge the gap in the web security market, CensorNet is driving its new security offering to enable organisations to intercept all employees’ web traffic to provide a real-time view of cloud application usage on their network. 

Social media can be a valuable tool for organisations, but carries with it responsibilities. Stories are rife of employees posting damaging or libellous comments about a company or its products or publishing sensitive commercial data on their feeds. However, current web security could only tell a CIO that a person has accessed the application, rather than the content of the post itself.

The other major problem for CIOs today is the number of cloud file sharing applications that can be used as an easy way to extract intellectual property – whether it be patents, designs or confidential customer lists – outside of the organisation by terminated employees or those simply after a quick buck. The problem can be exacerbated when the data is moving cross geographical borders which could breach strict regulatory guidelines. Up until now, the details within the packets uploaded to such applications have been difficult to ascertain.

“At launch, CensorNet’s SWG will be able to monitor 150 of the most prevalent used cloud applications in business today, with hundreds more to be added as part of the ongoing product roadmap; giving unprecedented visibility of the user activity within the cloud application activity. This helps to ensure regulatory compliance and adds an extra layer of security for organisations that have an increasing number of their business processes in the cloud,” says Macnair.

According to Gartner, by 2016, 25 per cent of enterprises will secure access to cloud-based services using a cloud access security broker (CASB) platform.

CensorNet’s new SWG bridges the gap between web security and Cloud Application Control solutions, offering cost efficiencies to businesses wanting to plug the widening security risk gap caused by cloud applications with just one single solution.

The launch of the new discovery and analysis functionality will be followed by further product development enhancements to CensorNet’s Hybrid Web Security through 2015 and cements the company’s strategy statement earlier this month to redefine the web security market.

CensorNet’s new SWG is available for existing customers immediately and the solution is available to download as a free 30 day trial now at CensorNet.com.

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