Cloud and managed services provider ANS Group has delivered a Public Cloud solution with Amazon Web Services for fast-growing social content platform Wakelet, priming the company for future growth and paving the way for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The two Manchester tech companies have partnered to allow more users to access Wakelet’s digital platform while providing headroom for the ambitious company to expand its offering in the near future.

The state-of-the-art managed public cloud solution, built on Amazon Web Services is offering Wakelet richer data analytics and machine learning capabilities to enhance the platform’s services and create a seamless user experience. The scalable infrastructure has also enabled the business to reduce costs and free-up internal resources to focus on optimising and adapting its offering.

Wakelet’s platform allows users to capture articles, videos, tweets and pretty much anything else, by knitting them together into a beautiful and easy to access collection.

Nick Blow, engineering and infrastructure lead at Wakelet said: “As a tech start-up, we never know when our next period of explosive growth could be, and being able to scale out in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks, makes a huge difference.

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“ANS has been a huge asset for us. The team have an in-depth understanding of our needs as a business, and the cloud services they offer perfectly complement our existing tooling and workflows, rather than getting in the way. ANS’ expertise and knowledge has been a huge help during our migration to the public cloud, and the 24/7 monitoring has reduced the number of false positive alerts to essentially zero, which has been a huge burden off our developers’ shoulders.”

Andy Barrow, CTO at ANS Group said: “We work to support ambitious businesses along their journey by offering clever and bespoke cloud solutions. This was a flexible solution that integrated with Wakelet’s existing infrastructure and helped to optimise and develop its offering for its growing customer base. We expect to see this agile cloud solution help Wakelet grow into a real influential force in the tech industry over the next few years.”

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