Ventiv Technology acquires Webrisk from Effisoft

Ventiv Technology, the world’s leading independent provider of risk technology solutions, announces that it has purchased Webrisk, the risk management information system (RMIS) from Effisoft SAS, the risk and re/insurance solutions firm. 

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Webrisk is a full featured risk management information system that helps risk managers to manage their daily operations more effectively. Following the acquisition, Ventiv will continue to support and invest in the Webrisk platform as well as its existing risk management technology solutions.

Edouard Lefebvre, current Chief Operating Officer of Webrisk Paris and David Thomas, current Director of Webrisk London, will both be joining Ventiv, as well as all current Webrisk personnel.  

Steve Cloutman, Managing Director International, Ventiv said: “We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of Webrisk, this acquisition is a solid step in growing Ventiv’s European operation. Webrisk come with a strong reputation, fantastic customer base, a highly skilled team and a great product, all of which we’re proud to be adding to the Ventiv group in Europe. I am confident that through our combined talent and experience, we will continue to provide excellent service to our expanded customer base whilst we invest more into our product portfolio.”

Edouard Lefebvre said: “We are truly excited to be able to join Ventiv. This move means that we will be joining the market leader in both Europe and across the globe.”

David Thomas added: “The acquisition and integration allow us to continue to support all our clients with an even stronger global network of offices and expertise.”

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