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Friday Night Cloud: Episode 4: Don’t Carry On Doctor

Medical Clouds - Hype vs. Reality & The Internet of Egos. Neil has finally broken Andrew and a trip to the hospital is required. Neil has a gripe with Egos.

Dell MSP Conference Podcast – Mercedes Benz World – 10th Sept 2015

On 10th September 2015, Compare the Cloud hosted a...

Friday Night Cloud: Episode 3: Morons and Tech

In this rant of a podcast we discuss whether automation has been good for the human race and unleash a tirade on the impact of cloud, mobiles, IoT & technology on the wellbeing of people.

Friday Night Cloud: Episode 2: The Naughty Bits

In Episode 2 we discuss the Internet of (Naughty) Things, Online Gambling Scams, Rubbish of the Net and Internet Security

Friday Night Cloud: Episode 1: Pilot

In our pilot podcast episode we explore the Internet of (Strange) Things, discuss data breaches and look at the future of cloud technology.

Special #2: Cloud Expo – Part 1 In the first of a two part special we recorded live at the Cloud Expo Europe 2015, London. Join us and our guests as...

Special #1 – The Fixes

Episode 4: Mis-selling Cloud, Bargain Hunters, Analyst Research and Thankless IT Support

In the fourth episode of The Issues we discuss Mis-selling of Cloud, Bargain Hunters, Analysts Research and send out love to Thankless IT Support people.

Episode 3: Big Cloud Vendors, Neil Does No Research, Migrations and Twitter

In our third episode we discuss Big Cloud Vendors, tell Neil that he Does No Research, ponder Cloud Migrations and go into a full rant with Twitter.

Episode 2: Connectivity, Cloud Acronyms, Productivity and Obsolescence

Know your GaaS from your AaaS? In the second episode of our new series of podcasts we discuss Connectivity, Cloud Acronyms, Productivity and Cloud Obsolescence.

Episode 1: Piratism, Cloud, Big Data and Microsoft Needs Love Voting on the issues coming soon – in the meantime leave a comment or tweet us at @comparethecloud. Comments may be used for future...

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