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CWCS launches next-gen cloud


CWCS Managed Hosting has announced major upgrades to its cloud infrastructure, boosting performance, reliability and speed, with the launch of Supreme Cloud.

Karl Mendez, Managing Director of CWCS Managed Hosting stated, “Our public cloud just got a whole lot better. As well as improving speed and performance, it is greener and reduces costs.”

The new enterprise-grade, fully redundant EMC SAN solution includes state-of-the-art hardware with the latest SSD-based caching functionality.

This infrastructure upgrade is one of the first implementations of brand new higher density disks. The platform provides greater capacity, allows modular expansion with zero downtime, increases reliability and delivers superior performance. It is also more energy efficient.

CWCS is constantly improving its products and services through continuous innovation. The infrastructure has multiple physical servers with all points of failure taken in to account. If one node or hardware point fails, there is ample redundancy and fail-over so that there is no single point of failure. This ensures exceptionally high levels of reliability, resilience and up-time.

Mendez, added, “We are genuinely proud of our Supreme Cloud infrastructure and it is great to be able to pass on reduced costs and improved performance directly to our customers. We always aim to provide the best products, along with what we consider to be the best customer service and technical support in the industry.”

About CWCS Managed Hosting
CWCS Managed Hosting is a specialist business and enterprise-level managed hosting company offering cloud servers, private cloud, hybrid cloud, dedicated servers and co-location. CWCS was founded in 1999 and operates from two highly secure data centres in Nottingham, UK. The company also has US and Canada data centre facilities.

For more information about CWCS Managed Hosting visit: www.cwcs.co.uk