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Disruptive Seasons – Spring – 2022 – Celerity Limited Panel

Craig Aston, COO of Celerity Limited, and Darren Sanders, a Technical Architect at Celerity, participated in a panel discussion about cybersecurity. They discussed the importance of protecting sensitive information, such as personal & financial data, from cyber attacks. They also emphasised the need for companies to have robust security protocols, including regular updates, employee education, and incident response plans. Additionally, they highlighted the importance of staying informed about the latest threats and trends in the field and mentioned the importance of working with other organisations to share knowledge and resources to help protect against cyber attacks.

They also discussed how the increased use of remote work and the shift to cloud-based services had presented new challenges for cybersecurity. They discussed how companies need to ensure that employees have secure access to company resources and information while working remotely and how to protect data stored in the cloud. The panel also highlighted the need for companies to be prepared for a cyber attack & have incident response plans to quickly and effectively address any security breaches.

The panel also addressed the importance of compliance with regulations and industry standards, such as HIPAA & PCI-DSS, to ensure that companies follow best practices for protecting sensitive information. They also discussed the importance of continuous monitoring and regular security assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Overall, the panel highlighted that cybersecurity is constantly evolving and that companies must stay vigilant and proactive to protect sensitive information & systems from cyber-attacks. They emphasised the need for regular employee education, robust security protocols, and compliance with industry standards to minimise risk and protect against cyber threats.

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Craig Aston is the Chief Operations Officer at Celerity Limited

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Darren Sanders is a Technical Architect - Data Storage & Protection at Celerity Limited

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Andrew McLean is the Studio Director at Disruptive Live, a Compare the Cloud brand. He is an experienced leader in the technology industry, with a background in delivering innovative & engaging live events. Andrew has a wealth of experience in producing engaging content, from live shows and webinars to roundtables and panel discussions. He has a passion for helping businesses understand the latest trends and technologies, and how they can be applied to drive growth and innovation.

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