Corintech launches FilesThruTheAir

Cloud-based monitoring software and sensor solution allows users to monitor data anytime, anywhere.
Corintech has today launched FilesThruTheAir , a new comprehensive environmental monitoring solution combining advanced WiFi sensors with a remote Cloud-based data logging service. Measuring temperature and humidity, data logged on FilesThruTheAir WiFi sensors is universally accessible from any Internet enabled device through the FilesThruTheAir Cloud-based monitoring platform.

FilesThruTheAir WiFi sensors communicate via any existing WiFi connection, updating the data automatically to the Cloud, providing maximum simplicity to the data gathering process. Ease-of-use is also key to the FilesThruTheAir Cloud account set-up, the browser-based interface takes the user through the set-up process step by step. Users can choose between three levels of Cloud account, from a free entry-level service for simple implementations and to a comprehensive professional service that supports unlimited devices in multiple locations and can enable data to be accessed by multiple users.

Tim Waterman, Technical Director at Corintech said, “By giving users the freedom to access, manage and analyse their information remotely in the Cloud, FilesThruTheAir introduces a whole new dimension to modern data logging with the most flexible and comprehensive solution to date. As alternative solutions use niche or proprietary wireless standards, we saw a clear gap in the market for a solution that enables high specification sensors to take advantage of existing WiFi networks in combination with a robust and dedicated Cloud monitoring service.”

Waterman added, “When developing the FilesThruTheAir product range, our main objective was to streamline the environmental monitoring process for our customers. By developing a robust Cloud-software that integrates seamlessly with our advanced sensor range we are very pleased to bring the most complete but easy to use solution to the market that removes the burden of data gathering.”

About Corintech
Corintech develops and manufactures environmental monitoring devices, offering PC or Cloud-based data logging systems incorporating its FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi sensors.

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