Windows 2003 will expose 1/3 businesses to major security risks after deadline

One in three enterprises planning to run Windows 2003 after deadline are exposed to major security risks

Fusion Media Networks and Abiquo build Windows 2003 migration service driven by Double-Take to give immediate protection for businesses unable to address full migration to Windows Server 2012

With around 61 per cent of businesses still running Windows Server 2003 as of March this year, connectivity and business communication specialist, Fusion Media Networks has combined technologies with hybrid cloud software provider, Abiquo and provider of disaster recovery, high availability and migration software, Vision Solutions, to address the security risks posed by imminent “end of support” by Microsoft of Windows Server 2003.

These combined technologies offer a unique service to businesses, enabling them to migrate a physical or virtual server machine quickly and simply into their Abiquo- or Azure-based cloud using Vision Solutions’ technology, which would then be managed with Abiquo’s solutions to ensure the customer still has full control. Firewalls can then be added around these servers to protect them from threats, which allows businesses to address the challenge of application migration without putting vital business information in danger.

The solution allows migration of Windows 2003 servers to the cloud with the security required to continue without support until full migration to Windows 2012 server is completed.

The service offers an interim security solution for businesses who lack the resources to migrate to Windows Server 2012, before the deadline. With approximately one in three enterprises planning to run Windows Server 2003 after 14th July, it’s imperative for businesses to look at security solutions as a matter of urgency.

 “In response to the security issues faced by many businesses following the end of support for Windows XP, there is strong demand for an alternative solution to full migration. This interim solution, using combined technology from ourselves, Abiquo and Vision Solutions, allows companies to maintain security and business continuity whilst planning resources needed for full migration,” commented Lee Norvall, Technical Director at Fusion Media Networks.

“The end of support for Windows Server 2003 is an issue a huge number of businesses are facing and one that needs to be addressed with immediacy,” said Ian Finlay, COO of Abiquo. “According to Microsoft last month, there were 11 million Windows 2003 servers still running and with less than a month to go before end of support, businesses that have not taken action will be at risk. Migrating can be daunting but this offers a solution which will protect your information and buy some more time before investing in a full move to Server 2012.”

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