UK Hosted Desktop Provider Launches in Singapore

Today localisation of cloud services is key to fulfilling regulatory and access requirements. A key part of the cloud stack has always been hosted or cloud hosted desktops. These devices enable remote workers or centralisation of services to allow for everything from group collaboration to flexible working.

As part of a global expansion plan UK Provider VESK has announced the invocation of services in the ASIA Pacific region focussed initially on Singapore.

In collaboration with the Equinix SG1 data centre service and inter-data centre access provided by GTT Networks, VESK has put in place a highly scalable robust service.

[quote_center]“We have invested a quarter of a million pounds to grow our existing infrastructure filling two full cabinets in the SG1 data centre in the centre of Singapore’s financial district,” said James Mackie, Managing Director, Vesk.[/quote_center]

“Launching our presence in Singapore has been an exciting expansion for VESK and we look forward to doing more business in the Asia-Pac region in the future,” Mackie added.
veskThe data centre location within the key financial district of Singapore enables VESK to access a number of key research and development and financial markets.

Underpinned by the latest Citrix Xen Hypervisor along with an impressive Flash based storage pool and 10GBPs interconnectivity this is indeed a fantastic architecture to invoke desktop services upon.

Anchor tenants for the initial Singapore VESK service includes prominent companies in the legal and recruitment sector.

Singapore ranks at number 2 on the Computing Market Attractiveness Index prepared by the Asia Cloud Computing Association.vesk

Singapore has a market of 407,298 SMEs, 99% of all enterprises and these SMEs contribute 50% of Singapore’s GDP.

The sectors most likely to lead as early adopters of cloud computing solutions in Singapore are legal, recruitment, commerce (wholesale and retail), and accommodation.

To access this highly addressable and changing marketplace VESK may be a pioneer with many other UK companies potentially following this lead.

veskAbout VESK:

VESK is now the fastest growing provider of Hosted Virtual Desktops in the UK. VESK enables you to access all your emails, files and business applications anywhere in the world using any device.

VESK is privately held, owns it’s headquarters and the data centre infrastructure from the ground up. VESK has been profitable since January 2011.

VESK has clients of all sizes and in most countries. VESK has been security assured to procure directly to the UK’s public sector, thanks to tier 4 and ISO27001 data centres.

VESK is different. Their core values are built on integrity and trust, their strategy is simply to grow something that everyone loves by building the largest, most reliable and secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in the world.

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