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UK Hosted Desktop Provider Launches in Singapore

Today localisation of cloud services is key to fulfilling...

VESK announces a “VESK for Legal”

A new cloud computing business focused on the legal sector.

The expanding DaaS market, the big players and healthy competition

James Mackie of VESK examines how the various DaaS and VDI offerings from the big players meet the needs of regular businesses. Firstly let me make an apology for referring to HVD, VDI, HVDI, DaaS, HD, VD etc under the umbrella term of "DaaS" (Desktop-as-a-Service).

Will Virtual Desktops ever arrive?

James Mackie, MD of VESK provides a deep insight into the evolution - and current state - of the hosted virtual desktop market.

Hosted Desktop market Heats up

It's very interesting what's occurring in the VDI/Hosted Desktop...

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