Pulsant and Corent Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive Cloud Migration Services

Pulsant, a leading UK provider of hybrid cloud solutions, has announced a partnership with cloud migration platform company Corent Technology that sees both parties complementing their existing services.

The partnership allows Pulsant and US-based Corent to deliver a more effective and comprehensive cloud service to customers. While Pulsant can effectively determine the readiness of a business looking to migrate to the cloud with Corent’s automation tools, Corent is able to help that customer take its existing application portfolio and move it to the new cloud-based infrastructure.

This partnership enables customers of Pulsant and Corent to benefit from a much-improved cloud experience that minimises the number of involved suppliers and takes the pain out of the migration process.

Adam Eaton, sales director, Pulsant, says: “Pulsant offers a cloud readiness assessment as part of its Consultancy Services offering, and for a while we had been looking for someone to help provide us with a toolkit that would allow our customers to actually move over their applications and systems once that assessment had been completed. This is exactly what we are now able to provide thanks to our partnership with Corent. Its services essentially augment our cloud readiness assessment — providing customers with assistance throughout the entire cloud migration journey.

“We’ve seen an increased interest from our customers in ‘cloud-ifying’ their applications, and so I’m confident this will be the beginning of a mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship. We’ve already found Corent to be extremely helpful and responsive, working closely with us to get the ball rolling and assist us as we learn together along the way.”

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Jeremy Neal, UK manager, Corent Technology, says: “Pulsant is one of the key players within the cloud technology space, and certainly one of the leading Microsoft partners — a company we also work very closely with. Pulsant has been one of our top targets and we’re very pleased this partnership is now in place.

“The deal also allows us to help make cloud migration much easier for businesses across all sectors — something we’ve always been passionate about and believe will only become more important as time goes on.”

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