Informatica Launches Flexible Pricing Model For Data Integration on AWS Marketplace

Customers can quickly license, deploy, scale and upgrade award-winning Informatica cloud data integration solutions directly on AWS Marketplace

Informatica®, a leading provider of data management solutions, announced yesterday, that customers can now seamlessly and flexibly license, deploy, scale and upgrade Informatica Cloud data integration solutions directly on AWS Marketplace using a frictionless self-service model.

As organisations seek to rapidly innovate using cloud data services, such as Amazon Redshift data warehouse, Informatica’s collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps accelerate the customer journey to the cloud by streamlining access to exceptional data management, reducing upfront costs through flexible licensing options, and removing business and technical barriers to deployment.

Improved business outcomes include:

  • Faster time to value – Organisations can quickly jumpstart new high-value cloud initiatives, such as cloud data warehousing with Amazon Redshift, with rapid access to comprehensive cloud data management from Informatica.
  • Improved IT operations – CIOs can optimise IT operations with a consistent approach to deploying Informatica data management solutions on AWS, coupled with unified and flexible billing from AWS.
  • Enhanced business productivity –By helping accelerate the Proof of Concept stage, customers can leverage a simplified self-service approach to rapidly licensing and deploying cloud data integration, and then quickly and seamlessly add and scale cloud integration services on AWS Marketplace to support increased data volumes, types and sources as needs evolve.

Flexible licensing options and expanded offerings

Informatica is among the first AWS Partner Network Technology Partners to support the new SaaS Contracts API on AWS Marketplace. Today’s announcement is an enhancement of the Pay As You Go Informatica Cloud offerings available since August 2016 on AWS Marketplace. New flexible licensing options will enable customers to more easily expand theirInformatica deployment on AWS in several ways, including data processing capacity, number ofInformatica connectors and vertical scaling of processing power.

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 Informatica for AWS

Informatica accelerates the customer journey to the cloud with AWS. Its metadata-centric, hybrid data management platform is optimised for maximum scale and is certified for AWS. TheInformatica platform supports key data integration and data management patterns, such as data warehousing and data lakes, any user and latency, and any location—in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments.

The platform offers native connectivity to key AWS data services, including Amazon Redshift, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon EMR, and offers hundreds of pre-built connectors to cloud and on-premise data. Informatica products includingInformaticaPowerCenter, Informatica Cloud, and Informatica Big Data Management are certified for AWS and available on AWS Marketplace for easy consumption and deployment, so customers can bring connected trustworthy data to AWS with speed, scale and confidence.

Supporting Quotes

  • “Informatica teamed up with AWS to provide customers with an easy, flexible and fast path to leveraging connected trustworthy data on AWS,” said Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager, Informatica Cloud, Informatica. “We have now opened the door for customers to bring to bear the full power of Informatica data management on their AWS deployments, thus demonstrating our solid commitment to the AWS ecosystem, while enabling our customers’ highly individual AWS journeys.”
  • “Informatica Cloud data integration solutions are the innovative and flexible offerings, which many customers rely on for their data management needs, and they can now be purchased with multi-year contracts through AWS Marketplace for the first time,” said Dave McCann, vice president of AWS Marketplace and catalogue services. “With AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts, customers now have more flexibility in purchasing longer terms, which typically bring lower prices, and deploying Informatica data integrations products with simplified procurement and unified billing through their existing AWS account.”
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