Disney-developed Dragonchain, brings the power of blockchain technology to business

  • Dragonchain delivers the first hybrid blockchain platform for businesses and offers an incubator program to start-ups and entrepreneurs building applications on the platform
  • Blockchain is a disruptive technology for trust-based business models, for proving the provenance of supply chains or recording identity through to replacing public ledgers such as recording property transactions
  • Dragonchain allows easy integration of blockchain technology into existing business models using a scalable solution hosted on the cloud

Dragonchain, the open-source blockchain platform originally developed at Disney in 2015, today announces it will bring the power of blockchain technology to business applications with a secure, serverless, scalable platform running in the cloud. This will enable simple integration of blockchain functionality into existing business models.

To date, blockchain technology has been constrained by a number of security concerns when building smart contract applications. Dragonchain addresses these limitations by allowing businesses to retain complete control of their sensitive business data and proprietary business logic.

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Dragonchain is a hybrid blockchain, allowing businesses to innovate using different levels of verification from basic transaction verification up to public blockchain verification on Bitcoin or Ethereum to provide independent witness or “proof of existence”. The benefit is that applications can achieve consensus in stages, from a private trusted context up to a trustless public blockchain. The public blockchain provides publicly verifiable checkpoints, even for private implementations.

The result is a flexible method of implementing business-focused systems. The platform is designed such that a traditional software engineer can easily and quickly build secure smart contracts into their applications with no prior experience with blockchain technology or platforms.

Dragonchain was originally developed at Disney’s Seattle office in 2015 – 2016 under the name, “Disney Private Blockchain Platform”. The project was open-sourced by Disney in October 2016 and is maintained by the Dragonchain Foundation.

Businesses will be able to pay for access to the platform, services, software and Dragonchain incubator with Dragon tokens issued in the forthcoming ICO. The Dragonchain Incubator will support start-ups and entrepreneurs building applications on the platform.

Joe Roets, Founder and CEO of Dragonchain, Inc., says: “When we created Dragonchain, we wanted to build an easy-to-use hybrid blockchain platform with all the benefits of immutable proof on the public blockchain, in a flexible business-focused package. Most importantly, we wanted to build a platform that is secure and easy to implement.

“Unlike existing platforms, with Dragonchain you retain complete control of your data. Sensitive business logic and smart contract functionality is kept proprietary. Dragonchain enables applications to leverage a spectrum of trust through multi-level contextual verification.”

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