Arkivum announces first certified data archiving connection to the N3 network

Arkivum announces first certified data archiving connection to the N3 network with long-term data archiving service now available to NHS

Arkivum, the provider of large scale, long term, and ultra-­‐safe digital archiving solutions today announced the availability of N3 connectivity for its Archive as a Service offering. Arkivum is the only archiving provider to have achieved certification against the Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC), which governs access to the N3 network.

The medical community is faced with increasing volumes of data resulting from today’s diagnostic technology, such as Whole Genome Sequencing, 3-dimensional imaging and photo-microscopy. As an example, it is estimated that the data volumes for Whole Genome Sequencing will reach as much as 20-50PB per year in the UK (source: Genomics England). The sensitivity and nature of this data means that a safe and secure archiving strategy is needed to preserve the results for the future, often for up to 30 years or longer.

“It is estimated that the data volumes for Whole Genome Sequencing will reach as much as 20-50PB per year in the UK.”

As a result the IGSoC sets out a rigorous process and mandates a series of requirements that organisations must satisfy in order to receive certification and N3 connectivity. These include a range of security related requirements and the provision of assurances in respect of safeguarding the NHS N3 network and patient-related information assets.

Jim Cook, CEO of Arkivum explained, “This is a significant milestone for Arkivum enabling it to provide secure, scalable, long-term and cost-effective digital archiving solutions to a wide range of healthcare clients. We believe this demonstrates our ability and commitment to meeting the rigorous security measures required. With a growing need to preserve the results of medical research for the future, we look forward to working with NHS Trusts and their partners to deliver innovative solutions to help manage the ever increasing amounts of data generated by today’s medicine.”

This announcement follows Arkivum’s successful completion of the Information Governance Toolkit to Level 3 and sponsorship from an NHS body to achieve the Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC).

About Arkivum
Founded in 2011, as a spin-out of the University of Southampton 2011, Arkivum specialises in the management and storage of an organisation’s information assets. Arkivum delivers systems that can intelligently manage content to efficiently store and retrieve data over the long term while offering a highly cost-effective solution, with low up‐front investment and zero risk.

Arkivum provides a completely transparent data archiving service and its approach to data safety and security is simple; it keeps multiple copies of customers’ data in secure UK data centres and actively manages its integrity to ensure it remains in bit-perfect condition all the time. Arkivum relies on proven storage technology and open standards to deliver fast and efficient online access. The company’s unique solution is the only system available on the market, which guarantees 100% data integrity.

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