IBM Europe Cloud Leaders #EUCloudChat

Thursday 26 Nov @2pm GMT


A new sense of urgency is taking hold as enterprises face the implications of digital transformation. Aligning company’s resources and strategic direction to respond to exceptionally dynamic and unpredictable forces in the competitive environment becomes a priority.

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Cloud is the enabler of business transformation. Enterprises understand the economic benefits of a flexible, virtualised infrastructure and a shift in cost structure from capex to opex. Yet the market is responding in its own time. CIOs wait to see proven business cases deployed by their peers, then approach migration in stages, based on immediate business priorities and other commitments.

  • There are a lot of cloud providers to choose from. How does the enterprise find the right partner?
  • Is a hybrid cloud, which involves a bit of both public and private cloud, a strategic decision or a way to avoid hard choices?
  • Hacks and breaches make headlines. Is hybrid cloud safe?
  • Is it better to use data centres here in Europe? Why?
  • We hear a lot about the importance of standards and open source in cloud. Do they really matter more here than elsewhere in IT?

We’ll discuss the hot topics of the European cloud market with the analyst community, CIOs, customers, consultants, academics, bloggers and other influencers of the cloud ecosystem.

Hot topics: business transformation and agility, APIs, open source, public/private/hybrid cloud, security, EU regulations and cloud data localisation.

The panel of cloud computing experts includes:

  • Paul Miller, moderator: Senior analyst, Forrester Research @PaulMiller
  • Sebastian Krause, VP IBM Cloud Europe @SebKrause
  • Rashik Parmar, Lead Cloud Advisor, IBM Europe / Distinguished Engineer @RashikParmar
  • Stefano Stinchi, VP IBM Software Cloud Europe  @stefano_cloud
  • Bo Soevsoe Nielsen, SoftLayer Leader, IBM Europe   @bosoevsoe

Several other IBM Cloud leaders from across Europe and the UK will also be online chipping in to answer any queries.

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