IBM has been helping companies to transform their businesses and their industries for over 100 years, and Blockchain is no different.

We actively support and contribute to the Hyperledger project, which is building a business-focused Blockchain-based on permissions, rather than anonymity.

You can try Hyperledger for free on our Bluemix cloud platform – you can spin up a test environment of 4 nodes, deploy some chain code, explore the APIs, and run proofs of concept.

If you want to move into production you can use our High-Security plan – it’s functionally identical to the free version, but runs on high-performance POWER processors rather than x86 and has real differentiation in terms of security, data privacy and compliance.

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We have Blockchain garages in various cities around the world; these can help you to shape and define your project, and build the first iteration using agile techniques such as pair programming – this is great if you want to get your own developers skilled up in Blockchain.

Alternatively, if you just want us to come in and build a project for you, our GBS services team can help with that.

Remember that a business solution is not just about the Blockchain – you’ll need to integrate with back-end systems, manage API connections, business processes and business rules – and consider how to manage the DevOps process.  IBM has the breadth of skill to match your ambitions.

Whatever it is that you want to do with Blockchain, IBM is ready to help – just visit to find out more.

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