Disruptive Tech TV interviews Robert Weideman from Nuance Communications

In this interview, Disruptive Tech TV speaks to General Manager, Robert Weideman from Nuance Communications. Robert speaks about how Nuance develops technology within virtual assistance, human machine interfaces. They build solutions for the consumer space, healthcare and customer service.

Nuance is also the creators of ‘Dragon Dictations’ which came about in 2002, a product that allows you to speak instead of typing. From this, the conversation turns to virtual assistance and voice recognition where Robert explains what Nuance are doing today. He explains that technology likes speak recognition which to will make it possible for people to make it easier to use devices, interact with services and generally make life safer. Nuance has been building up technology from the late 90’s to pursue further with this.

Robert goes on to explains how people should not be afraid of the current shift towards AI and biometrics. He explains the opportunities that will come out of this shift will make life more convenient and safer.

There was also a quick chat with Siri!

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