Panasonic has hosted the third iteration of its popular Education Exhibition, presenting the company’s visual, security and broadcast camera products aimed at the education market.

Held at central London venue The Brewery, attendees from nearly 40 the UK and Irish universities were given a tour and live demonstrations of key technologies during the afternoon event, followed by a chance to learn more at a question and answer session.

Highlights of the day included a full lecture capture demonstration, integrating Panasonic’s AW-HE40 remote camera and Panopto recording and editing software for a complete lecture capture solution. Additionally, there was the chance to get hands-on with the VariCam LT, already in use in the UK at Bournemouth University.

Panasonic’s visual presence was also strong, with a laser projection area including the PT-RZ12, PT-RZ970 and PT-RZ660 up and running for comparison, as well as video wall and digital signage technology.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from partners Draper and Panopto with short presentations from each. Queen’s University Belfast also spoke at the event, elaborating on their experiences refurbishing the Medical Biology Centre with 18 Panasonic LCD displays.

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“This is the third year we’ve run this event – it is consistently very well attended and the opportunity to get hands-on with our products is well received by the education sector,” said Gareth Day, UK Visual Systems Group Manager.

“The presentations this year had a very encouraging response and so I think next year we’ll be bringing forward more case studies to allow the sector to learn from each other about how AV can be used.”

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