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Managing The Evolving Data and Privacy Law Landscape

Different countries, states, and industries are enacting privacy regulations that are significantly increasing the requirements for organisations that handle data as a part of...

Technology and the Law Ep 6: Ask the Experts

This week is our final episode. We’ll be taking a look back at some of the themes over the past five episodes and will be answering questions posed via Twitter. GDPR is bound to come up. So too are data residency and managing cloud risk. Got a burning question affecting your digital business? Quick – tweet it to @disruptivelive using hashtag #techlaw and we might answer it live on air

Technology and The Law, Episode 1: GDPR and Data Location

Tune in today to "Technology and The Law". A brand new show broadcasted by Disruptive Tech with presenter and technology lawyer, Frank Jennings.  Technology and The...

What do you know about Technology and The Law?

  Monday 15th - Disruptive Tech is launching a brand new talk show with legal expert Frank Jennings called “Technology and The Law”. If you...

VESK announces a “VESK for Legal”

A new cloud computing business focused on the legal sector.

A view of the cloud in Asia

The Asia Pacific region is fast becoming a centre for cloud technology, and as a rising arena of play it has bodies falling into place to keep it in check.


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