A new cloud computing business focused on the legal sector.

James Mackie, Managing Director of VESK Limited, the fastest growing provider of hosted virtual desktops in the UK, is pleased to announce the creation of ‘VESK for Legal’, a company that will specialise in the delivery of cloud based IT services to the legal sector.

VESK currently delivers a world-class, highly scalable, reliable and secure cloud IT infrastructure, allowing businesses to configure and run any applications of choice, accessible from any location using any type of device. With over 375 customers, a number of which are already in the legal sector, VESK offer a full 99.9% SLA, is fully SRA compliant and incorporate full backup and disaster recovery as an integral part of their solution. VESK maintained 100% uptime for all of 2012, 2013 and 2014. VESK are ISO27001 and ISO9001 compliant, security assured by the cabinet office to host data for the UK’s public sector and winners of the 2013 Green IT Awards.

“VESK are delighted to make this commitment to the legal sector and to welcome David Bennett to our business to lead this exciting initiative. Dave has over 20 years of experience in implementing and managing infrastructure and business solutions for law firms. His background is relatively unique, having worked in both large and small law firms. This has given him an appreciation of the pressures and constraints that different size firms are under, and particularly the need to improve productivity and working practices.” said James Mackie.

“VESK for Legal offers significant and, in some instances, transformational benefits to law firms. The traditional in-sourced model of delivering legal IT, with the majority of effort, investment and resources focused on keeping the lights on, is not well aligned to the needs of the modern law firm,” said David Bennett.

James added “The innovative use of IT to support lawyer’s efficiency and enhance client relationships can enable law firm differentiation. As such CIOs and CTOs are striving to ensure that their law firms exploit technology in order to meet strategic objectives and drive competitive advantage. VESK for Legal enables this by providing the platform on which the CIO and his/her IT department can configure and implement those applications and associated business processes that can drive differentiation.

“We remove the burden of managing physical servers, networks, storage, back up and disaster recovery from the valuable resources within the IT department. Dave’s knowledge and awareness of the legal market underpins VESKs commitment to law firms. VESK for Legal offers the opportunity for legal IT departments to shift the focus of their teams to where their firm wants and needs them to be – finding ways of leveraging IT to make their lawyers more productive.”

“VESK for Legal provides a utility view of IT, commoditising the delivery of technology into a service. Applications and data are held and managed centrally on our infrastructure, with access provided over the internet or through direct connections and paid for on a subscription or demand basis. This is very different from the traditional IT model where hardware and software are owned by the firm,” said David Bennett.

Working closely with existing law firm technology partners, VESK regularly provision the leading practice management, case management, document management, collaboration and digital dictation systems for their law firm clients. VESK for Legal will build on this experience with the addition of specialist legal IT knowledge and experience while offering the full range of cloud computing services including hosted desktops, infrastructure and business applications.

With VESK for Legal, law firms can achieve real cost savings, significantly reduce the time it takes to adopt new technologies and have peace of mind that their data is secure and their IT solutions are up to date.

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