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Monday 15th – Disruptive Tech is launching a brand new talk show with legal expert Frank Jennings called “Technology and The Law”. If you are interested and want to learn more about the legal aspects and debates towards the technological industry then tune in! This show is airing for the first time on Friday 19th May at 2:30 pm UK time, where Frank will be speaking to four tech industry experts. This week he will be focussing on GDPR and Data Protection, looking into the current regulations and how people perceive existing laws.

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These episodes will be running for 6 weeks, for 30 minutes, focussing on a variety of different topics, such as the Cloud, social media and much more. So if GDPR isn’t your cup of tea, tune into an episode that best suits you. There will be four different experts, every episode, who will come in to speak to Frank about the topic of the week.

Frank Jennings is the commercial and cloud lawyer at Wallace LLP. He specialises in commercial contracts with cloud and technology, data security and intellectual property. Frank is known for his can-do attitude, managing risk and problem solving to maximise return on investment. Who else could present this show?

Disruptive Tech TV, part of the Compare the Cloud network, is the UK’s first 24/7 online technology TV channel. They cover some of the biggest technology events in the world as part of their live shows, produce original content, explore cutting edge tech and interview the disruptive voices in the industry.

Show details can be found here:  https://www.disruptivetech.tv/techlaw/

Hashtag: #TechLaw

Twitter: @disruptivelive

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