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10 UK Data Centres Go Global

Many people have said to us that a “cloud offering is useless without connectivity”. Pulsant has now addressed this by announcing a global networking deal with GTT Communications Inc.

The Rise of Linux on Power

Linux is coming of age and stepping from the cool fringes firmly into the mainstream.

Russia – The Land Of Opportunity for Cloud

The changing country-based rules regarding Russian data sovereignty make very interesting reading, especially if you are a cloud service provider.

Where in The Cloud is My Data?

‘The cloud’. Used in this popular singular form with the definite article, it suggests that there really is a single, nebulous entity where computing and storage magically take place. Of course reality is that “the cloud” is a network of data centres, and within those, a network of servers and storage nodes. So when you put data in “the cloud”, where is it exactly?

Data Centres #CloudInfluence Special Report

Looking specifically at which organisation had the most influence on data centre issues, this is our #CloudInfluence Special Report on data centres.

8 Tips For Moving Business Data To The Cloud

Monique Rivers from Ninefold explains the eight key areas to focus on when migrating business data to a cloud environment.


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