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Securing your Network in the Upside Down World of SDx

The smash hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ centres around the mysterious disappearance of residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Those who vanish find themselves in a...

John Armstrong & Barry Coombs from ComputerWorld – Dell EMC ChannelTalks

James Hulse from Dell EMC speaks to John Armstrong, Managing Director and Barry Coombs, Operations Director for ComputerWorld on the latest Dell #ChannelTalks series. ComputerWorld...

Data provenance, just what the doctor ordered

Knowing where your data is has never been more important. A combination of the rising rate of cyber attacks on organisations, the changing political...

Crouching OEM Tiger, Hidden Cloud Dragon

The China dream in terms of cloud and technology is for China to move beyond a manufacturing economy to one of technical greatness. China wants to become the designer, producer and retailer of these solutions, not just the manufacturer.

Storms, Floods and Blackouts

How IT managers and disaster recovery planners can prepare for unpredictable weather

Digital Realty Champions Green Initiatives

Digital Realty announced on May 7th updates to its sustainability initiatives to encourage greener practices in the data centre industry.


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