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Lawyers need the cloud too

If the IT departments of law firms took advantage of cloud computing then the lawyers they support could be more efficient and innovative.

DaaS market heats up

In part two of our series looking at Desktop as a Service, Bree Freeman offers up some advice as to how to pick the right DaaS provider for your business.

DaaS for law firms

The team at VESK take a look at DaaS and suggest how it could benefit law firms.

The rise of the Cloud CRM

With the popularity of CRM software going through the roof this year, Bree Freeman takes a look at this little-understood, complicated business system.

Power Struggle

ServerChoice's Joe Beaumont takes a look a power in the data centre and its importance.

Start your subscription business

Cerillion's Dominic Smith looks at the subscription model and finds it is transforming businesses.


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