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How to launch a successful technology business

A global downturn in start-up funding, along with uncertainty in the aftermath of Brexit, is challenging London’s future as a start-up hub for the...

Nine Business Dynamics that Scream You’re Ready for the Cloud

Certain business dynamics are custom made for cloud-based communications solutions. If you want to spend less time managing infrastructure and more time focusing on...

Finding the difference in cloud suppliers

With the Cloud industry is continuing its expansion why then is there so much uniformity from suppliers? It is becoming increasingly difficult to work out exactly what services are on offer.

Benchmarks of a good hosting provider

Cloud providers promise a lot when it comes to the quality of their services. Understanding the those services and how to benchmark them can be very useful.

Focus on winning disciplines

Max Büchler, Management Consultant at HiQ, looks at how the Decathlon can offer lessons for business looking to make the most of the cloud.

Encrypting cloud data

Being free to choose the most suitable encryption for your business seems a good idea, but only if it works in a context of recognised standards.


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