Technology and the Law Ep 4: Social Media

Watch the fourth episode of “Technology and The Law”. A brand new show broadcasted by Disruptive Tech with presenter and technology lawyer, Frank Jennings.

This show focuses on the legal aspects and debates towards the technological industry. Previous episodes have focused on Data Location and Contract Risks from Cloud Computing and GDPR. This week is the fourth week and will focus on Social Media with a great panel, including; Joel Davis from Agency:2, David Terrar from Agile Elephant, Harshini Carey from KMD Neupart UK and Melissa Jun Rowley from The Toolbox.

Frank Jennings is the commercial and cloud lawyer at Wallace LLP. He specialises in commercial contracts with cloud and technology, data security and intellectual property. Frank is known for his can-do attitude, managing risk and problem solving to maximise return on investment. Who else could present this show?

If you are interested and want to learn more about the legal aspects and debates towards the technological industry then tune in!

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