Comms Business Live: The Funding Surgery

Since the inception of Knight Corporate Finance in 2008, there have been a series of stunning growth stories in the sector. Daisy, Maintel, XLN, Chess, Six Degrees, Southern Comms, M247 have all experienced stratospheric growth and whilst they all have different business models, they all share one common success factor: Without exception each of these companies have had access to a plentiful supply of funding which has been the major factor in delivering growth.

In our first interactive surgery we are going to explore the funding options available to smaller businesses, the types of funding and which will be most suited to your strategy.

Alongside Adam Zoldan Director of Knight Corporate Finance will be Mark Borzomato, Investment Director of fund:tmt, a flexible fund that seeks to invest in established owner-managed TMT companies and Max Ward, Director of Knight Debt Advisory a new business established to open up the market for debt finance to the channel.