Bloor agrees partnership with Disruptive.Live and launches Bloor TV

Bloor TV will bring analyst insights and reports to life in a new, easily consumable way with a range of live stream and video programmes.

Following Bloor’s recent acquisition by Globalution Group, the research, analyst and consulting firm has agreed a new strategic media partnership with tech TV channel Disruptive.Live.  Bloor and Disruptive Live will both invest in creating Bloor TV, a new channel with regular programming and live streams from the Bloor website and their social media channels.  Alongside its written content, Bloor will use the Disruptive studios, producers and technicians to produce a new range of video programmes.  These will include glass board presentations, panel discussions, vendor spotlights, interviews and a new approach to briefing customers and vendors on the latest technology.

Bloor’s newly appointed Chairman Brian Jones, a four-time FTSE 100 CIO with Burberry, Allied Domecq, Scottish Power and Smiths Group, is leading the charge on its Mutable Business messaging.  Brian said: “The work we’ve done in Disruptive Live’s South Bank studios has been really exciting.  This is a new medium for us.  They’ve helped us create the first four shows that explain the right way to approach transformation for CIOs and vendors, who need a new mindset of being in a permanent state of reinvention”.

Joint Managing Director of Disruptive Live, Vikki Kersey, said about the partnership: “Bloor is a very prestigious analyst organisation. We are looking forward to driving the Bloor research and messaging further into new media channels through the use of next generation mediums”.

Bloor’s new CEO Tim Connolly, who joins the company after thirty years in consultancy, added: “We are broadening Bloor’s research and consulting focus from technology vendors to the CIOs and customers they support.  Bloor TV will develop regular programmes, news and a different style of technology briefs to help us get the message to the new audience, which in turn will help us become more effective for vendors.”

This new move reflects the emphasis that Bloor places on the business and people factors that are so critical in maximising value from companies’ investment in their technology estate. This is the essence of the Mutable Business story that Bloor has been telling for the past three years.

About Bloor

Bloor, owned by Globalution Group, is a research, analyst and consulting firm focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival.  For 30 years we have helped businesses navigate technology and choose the optimal solution for their needs.  To find out more or talk to one of our analysts go to our website: Bloor email us at [email protected] or follow us on social media: @BloorResearch & LinkedIn

About Disruptive Live

Disruptive, part of the Compare the Cloud network, is the UK’s first tech TV channel. We cover some of the biggest technology events in the world as part of our live shows, produce original content, explore cutting edge tech and interview the disruptive voices in the industry.

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