ZoneFox launches first hosted UEBA platform to protect vulnerable organisations

ZoneFox will provide secure, rapid, and scalable deployment for all its clients and deliver robust and progressive cyber security to the mid-market

Edinburgh 2017 – Leading cyber-security software specialist ZoneFox has announced the release of its fully hosted platform. Utilising the exact same roster of intelligent technology designed to help companies protect their data, hunt threats, and remain compliant, ZoneFox can reside remotely in the highly secure ZoneFox cloud. ZoneFox’s platform is the most secure, fast, and cost-effective route for clients to access the award-winning technology, and is available within minutes of the endpoint agents being deployed.

ZoneFox has seen particular demand in the mid-market for its hosted service, where manpower and cyber skills are scarce, but the risks are just as prevalent as they are in enterprise. SMEs host customer data, IP, and other prized assets, making them an attractive target for cyber criminals. Nearly one million SMEs were hit by a cyber attack in the last year and, with its latest release, ZoneFox will equip SMEs with the progressive technology needed to remain compliant with data laws and legislation.

ZoneFox combats the growing risk of the insider threat, and rapidly identifies and alerts on anomalous or suspicious activity by monitoring user behaviour and data movement, both on and off the network. This includes activity such as file transferring, data loss or theft, writing IP to removable media, tunnelling data through the dark web, ransomware and malware files entering the network and unauthorised or suspicious file access.

Matt Little, CTO, ZoneFox says: “Technology should benefit everyone, not just those with big cyber budgets. The mid-market is a prime target for hackers, but in the face of an ever-evolving and sophisticated landscape they lack the manpower or skills in-house to proactively manage and track data as it traverses the network. We’ve sought to eliminate that pain point giving them the confidence they have the visibility they need, but taking away the complexity.”

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ZoneFox breaks the mould for the UEBA industry, putting powerful AI and machine-learning technology directly into the hands of businesses regardless of size. The result is that every business can now access a highly secure, easy to deploy and cost effective solution,” Little continued.

The product has recently been trialled and is now being deployed with existing clients, and is now available to be purchased. This announcement follows rapid growth which the company is seeking to capitalise on and extend its footprint further and hosted ZoneFox is a strategic cornerstone of this plan as it will enable it to deploy its technology at companies around the globe.

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