Xtium implements Abiquo’s hybrid cloud software

One of the biggest names in US cloud computing, Xtium has announced its implementation of hybrid cloud software from provider, Abiquo. The deal, spanning forty-two months, deploys Abiquo’s hybrid cloud solution across Xtium’s three data centres. The long-term aim of the project is to migrate most, if not all, of its large customer base (SMBs and divisions of larger enterprises) to its Abiquo platform.

This migration will allow Xtium and its customers to deploy new applications faster and in a more consistent way than before, and to benefit from a straightforward and clear user interface to manage and control their virtual environments. Abiquo’s comprehensive integration options support Xtium in extending the platforms’ capabilities to offer innovative cloud services. 

Following an extensive market evaluation, Xtium found Abiquo’s product and roadmap to be closely aligned with the strategy it had in place for its own future. Xtium has been provided with a ready to use solution that fits its requirements exactly without the need to design and build a cloud portal from scratch, which would have been costly and time-expensive.

Cloud computing is still a growing market and with the growing number of organisations using both public and private cloud solutions in tandem, but having no means to sync the management process, hybrid cloud solutions are a good business move for the future. Abiquo provides a unified management solution for both public and private cloud environments which, in turn, allows for greater flexibility and efficiency for the end customer. 

David Rode, CEO at Xtium says: “The team at Abiquo is up there amongst the best technology partners we’ve worked with. The whole team is responsive and flexible from not only a different time zone, but the other side of the world, providing us with not only the best available technology, but also the best customer service. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.” 

Ian Finlay, Chief Operating Officer at Abiquo says: “We are delighted to work with Xtium. Not only has the company shown its commitment to us with a forty-two month deal, but it shows that hybrid cloud is truly the way forward for businesses of all kinds.”

Mr Finlay continues: “What’s also great about this deal is it shows that there is still room in this market for high quality service providers to offer their own solutions, rather than trying to compete with the hyperscale providers on cost. Hybrid cloud delivers the best of both worlds to the end customer and helps service providers retain customer ownership across all their cloud computing needs.”

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