UK start up Klipboard announce $900,000 seed funding

Klipboard, the mobile app and web dashboard, enabling businesses to manage their field based staff digitally and become completely paper-free, announced $900,000 of seed funding from a Seattle based Private Equity group and a number of angel investors.  

The funding will be used to support Klipboard’s strategic growth in the UK.

Klipboard is designed for companies with employees who work outside the office, allowing staff to complete & manage forms, reports & tasks via a tablet, anywhere at anytime.  It enables businesses to digitally manage their employees in the field from the office, using the Klipboard web dashboard.  

Draven McConville, CEO at Klipboard said: “Klipboard enables businesses to become significantly more productive and efficient, by allowing staff who work outside of the office, to complete & manage forms, reports & tasks on their tablet, rather than scribbling on paper and wasting time re-writing.  This seed funding reinforces the value of our product and brand, enabling us to support even more UK companies to become paper-free.”

Klipboard can help any business with employees who work outside the office, from organisations of 10 to 10,000.  It is particularly useful for companies where compliance is key, i.e. businesses with a stringent health & safety component, such as those in the construction, retail and facilities industries.

The easy to use, consumer style app, enables staff to complete forms & reports, create & manage tasks, all in real time.  For employers, the web dashboard ensures you can keep track of the work your employees are doing, as all activities can be viewed and managed digitally.  Quick to implement for any business, Klipboard can be up and running in 15 minutes, irrespective of the number of employees.

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