Syrex and Redstor Deliver Leading Cloud Backup and Security Solutions

Syrex, the provider of virtualized and hybrid network infrastructures and solutions, has partnered with Redstor, a market leader in data management and security solutions, to provide clients with a powerful cloud backup and security solution. Together, the two organisations deliver an enterprise level package that is ideally suited to challenging South African conditions, assures of comprehensive security and capability and yet remains accessible and intuitive to use.

“We have undertaken the move to the cloud as an organisation, so we are ideally placed to support our partners and clients in making a move themselves,” says Jason Kotze, Pre-Sales Consultant, Redstor. “We have been providing cloud backup solutions for enterprises since 2005, and have consistently invested in businesses and solutions which support this growth. By 2014 we had more than 9,000 cloud customers, and today we have more than 1,000 resellers and 25,000 end users of our solutions.”

Ralph Berndt, Director, Sales at Syrex, adds: “Redstor Enterprise Backup Pro is tailor-made for the SMME and Enterprise looking to invest in cloud and wanting assurances that their data will remain secure, accessible and in their control. The system is extremely advanced and is designed to protect the entire organisational infrastructure, regardless of whether it is virtual or physical. We opted to work with Redstor because their system speaks for itself and has support for numerous operating systems and applications to ensure that installation is also made as seamless as possible.”

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The Syrex enterprise backup solution developed using Redstor Backup Pro is one of the fastest on the market. It uses incremental backups, advanced byte and block-level patching techniques, compression and client-side deduplication to manage this feat and to ensure that RPO and RTO objectives are met.  While the technology that drives the solution has its layers of complexity, the beauty of its implementation is its simplicity. Syrex provides full data resilience in dual locations to ensure that client data is at all-times secure and recoverable.

“The intuitive management console supports multi-tenanted environments, provides detailed reports and helps identify and resolve issues quickly,” says Berndt. “In addition, files, folders, SQL and Exchange are intelligently laid out, and reporting can be automated for ease of use.”

Another notable feature is one which suits the South African environment down to the unconnected ground – when an initial backup is required from a location with poor connectivity; the data can be couriered to Redstor for upload, backup and storage in the cloud.

“Partnering with a Syrex is an exciting proposition – they are aggressive in the market, they understand their client’s requirements, and they push to provide great solutions with service to match,” concludes Kotze. “ We are looking forward to working with them in bringing Redstor Backup Pro to their customer base.”

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