Spotzer to Transform Service Experience for Global Customer Base with NewVoiceMedia

LONDON, 26 October 2017 – NewVoiceMedia, a leading provider of cloud contact centre and inside sales technology that enables businesses to have more successful conversations, is helping Spotzer enhance its contact centre operations and global customer service experience with its ContactWorld platform.

Spotzer is a white-label provider of bespoke digital marketing solutions for large enterprise customers who service small businesses, and has product delivery and service teams across four continents. The company builds 7,500 websites a month, and speaks to thousands of customers throughout the process. With a strong focus on Net Promoter Score, it is important to Spotzer to have the best possible technology stack to deliver on its key value of “value every customer”, making sure that the customer experience is second to none.

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The company selected NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Service solution for its reliability, ease-of-use, insight into outbound calls through detailed analytics, and the strength of its global platform, including new call routing architecture which optimises contact centre management and operations, while ensuring the highest quality customer experience across the world. NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact centre technology also integrates seamlessly with Spotzer’s CRM platform to ensure all customer interactions are tracked and service levels measured.

With ContactWorld’s click-to-dial feature, Spotzer’s consultants are now able to make thousands of outbound calls annually to clients without having to spend time searching for and manually dialing each number. Inbound calls can also be intelligently managed and routed, ensuring callers are connected directly to their account manager – improving handling time and customer satisfaction. Consultants also benefit from immediate access to a customer’s entire history of interactions and calls.

Furthermore, advisors can log into the same system wherever they are, as all they need is a phone and internet connection, meaning they can work from multiple locations. The platform offers a real-time window into the entire contact centre operation, so advisors can be easily managed, and customisable, rich reports allow the company to understand where improvement opportunities exist.

Peter Urmson, CEO at Spotzer, comments, “As a global leader in digital marketing solutions for businesses who need to solve problems for their SMB customers, it’s essential for us to provide the highest quality customer service experience. Building in the NewVoiceMedia solution is a key part of the evolution of Spotzer offering a world-class contact centre solution that is fully integrated into our CRM platform. We were excited to hear that NewVoiceMedia maintains the highest level of integration with our CRM platform in the industry and that ContactWorld could be easily integrated with our existing systems. We now have flexible, reliable technology with real-time insights into our entire business, meaning we can provide the best possible customer service experience to our global customer base”.

Dennis Fois, president and chief operating officer at NewVoiceMedia, adds, “We’re extremely pleased to be working with Spotzer and look forward to seeing the company transform its customer experience and business efficiencies with ContactWorld. With a true cloud environment, we’ve not only provided the company with a reliable and feature-rich contact centre solution, but our technology is completely flexible and scalable and will continue to support the business throughout its future rapid international growth”.

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