Rubrik Launches Global Service Delivery Partner Program

  • First of its kind program creates premium services offerings and new revenue streams for partners with managed service offerings
  • Simple, flexible consumption models now available for Rubrik’s leading cloud data management platform 
Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management Company, today announced a new Service Delivery Partner program to offer partners simple, profitable and flexible consumption models that are powered by Rubrik. The new program enables ServiceDelivery Partners — encompassing MSPs, VARs, Consulting Partners and any company that includes a managed service offering in their portfolio — to deliver to clients a complete suite of automated data management services on a scale-out architecture across private, hybrid and public clouds.
Service Delivery Partners can leverage Rubrik’s technology to create differentiated services across a wide range of client use cases, including backup and instant recovery, archival, test/development, search, reporting and analytics, compliance, copy data management, and cloud solution services. Rubrik’s nimble software platform offers superior performance and operational simplicity that unlocks service delivery value by quickly enabling new paths to premium services.
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“According to Gartner, 50% of organisations will augment or replace their current backup application with another solution by 2021. The market opportunity here for our partners is huge,” said Randy Schirman, Vice President, Worldwide Channel and Service Delivery Partner Sales, Rubrik. “The channel is asking for straightforward programs that accelerate their time to market, help them build premium services, and create value so they can expand current client relationships and capture new accounts. The Rubrik Service Delivery Partner Program is designed to address these challenges and help our partners create richer and deeper customer relationships.”
New Consumption Models
The Rubrik Service Delivery Partner program offers flexible engagement models for partners including subscription and two new consumption engagement models for both hardware and software. The consumption model for hardware provides Service Delivery Partners with a low-risk and low-cost platform upon which they can build new services that are powered by Rubrik on a pay-as-you-grow basis. The consumption model for software allows partners to leverage Rubrik software on top of approved third-party hardware appliances, including Cisco, HPE, Dell, and more.
Unlike legacy MSP programs, Rubrik Service Delivery Partners are charged based upon back-end data (the actual data used on the device) versus front-end data that may include duplication. Additionally, Rubrik makes capacity aggregation available across multiple clients and multiple clusters, which helps partners centrally manage and bill for utilization, as well as helps meet their minimum annual commitment and reach volume discounts regardless of the service (e.g. backup, archive, disaster recovery, etc.) being delivered to their clients.
Program Tiering
Rubrik offers two levels within the program, to reward extra volume and commitment from partners. The select level is aimed at those partners looking for a flexible entry point into the service delivery market via a-la-carte pricing, targeted at SMB to mid-market customers. Partners at the Elite level are already delivering services targeted at enterprise customers who have large data sets to manage or migrate.
White Label Services 
For Service Delivery Partners that see the value of offering Rubrik data management services but do not have the resources or capabilities to build these services for their clients, Rubrik has engaged Assured Data Protection to offer partners a suite of white label services that are “powered by Rubrik.”
“We are very excited to be selected as the delivery partner for Rubrik’s white label service option,” said Simon Chappell, co-founder & CEO, Assured Data Protection Inc. “Assured DP’s global presence and collective years of experience in delivering managed data protection services places us in a unique position to enable Rubrik partners. Together we will accelerate partner time to market for new services and solutions.”
Additional Program Benefits 
Rubrik Service Delivery Partners have access to a wide range of additional benefits, including:
  • Branding. Service Delivery Partners build their brand leveraging Rubrik to support the messaging of their solutions to their clients.
  • Co-Marketing Support. Rubrik is committed to working with partners on joint marketing events to raise awareness and drive demand for cloud data management solutions.  Eligible partners can request MDF funds to help with demand generation.
  • Technical Support. Service Delivery Partners have access to Rubrik award-winning Technical Support to help them deliver services to their clients.
  • Online partner portal. A new online portal is available to all Rubrik partners with sales tools, educational materials, instructional videos, and more.
Rubrik has quickly grown a strong global Service Delivery Partner network with market presence across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.
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