Quotall Chooses Datapipe to Manage its Migration to AWS

Insurance e-trading software platform provider, Quotall, has selected Datapipe, a leader in managed cloud services for the enterprise, to manage the migration of its integrated SaaS application to AWS cloud. This partnership leverages Datapipe’s cloud management skills to ensure that Quotall’s business-critical application is securely monitored and managed cost-effectively on the AWS platform.

Quotall’s software allows insurance distributors to e-trade customised products and integrates the internet channel with their telephone-based and face-to-face sales activities. Datapipe will migrate Quotall’s production environment from private to public cloud, managing the AWS platform on behalf of the insurance software provider. This move serves to free up Quotall’s in-house IT team to spend more time on business priorities.

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In addition to creating cost efficiencies, the transformation will deliver more agile infrastructure that can support a change-in-market approach for Quotall. Working with Datapipe, the organisation will benefit from expert governance, ongoing technical and commercial optimisation, and best practice scale for its infrastructure, taking advantage of 24×7 global support from Datapipe.

“The move from private to a managed AWS cloud is one that made sense for Quotall,” explains Simon Ball, founding director at Quotall. “We are a rapidly growing business with constantly evolving IT needs. As the cloud market has matured, there is a lot more confidence in the public cloud, but with so much at stake we need it to be managed carefully. Moving to AWS has allowed us to cut our IT management overheads, and partnering with Datapipe has given us the confidence to undertake a fundamental technology transformation in the knowledge that our business-critical software service delivery will only be enhanced.

“Having previously worked with Datapipe to host our test and development requirements, as well as our user acceptance testing, we knew that they would help us use the public cloud effectively and deliver the desired results.”

Stewart Smythe, Managing Director at Datapipe Europe, says, “We are delighted to extend our working relationship with Quotall as it moves into the AWS cloud. Our approach is designed to make it easier for customers like Quotall to change and innovate. Public cloud environments can be complex to create and maintain effectively. Helping Quotall to get it right first time means it can immediately start to capitalise on the efficiencies and economies AWS offers.”

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