Wix Video Gives Users Unparalleled Video Capabilities

Industry’s First Solution to Curate, Control and Monetize Video

Wix.com Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX), a leading cloud-based web development platform, has launched Wix Video, designed to provide an industry-leading solution for showcasing, sharing and selling videos online.

The newest all-in-one tool is the first in the industry to provide users with the ability to centralise their video library and combine their videos into a single playlist regardless of the host. Wix Video pairs an advanced video streaming and hosting service by Wix with third party services so users no longer have to choose between YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook to publish their video content. Instead, users can seamlessly integrate their videos into a single, complete online portfolio.

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Wix Video is specifically designed to meet the needs of creators, artists, businesses and brands looking to incorporate video into their stunning websites to promote their services, grow their audience, engage with their customers or sell online:

  • For video creators, it provides complete, customizable, control over their content and how it looks on their website, along with a wide variety of ways to monetize content while preserving its integrity.
  • For businesses using video to showcase their products and share the story behind their brands, WixVideo ensures that demos, instructions and customer testimonials look amazing from any size screen.
  • For instructors, educators and small businesses that offer lessons, tutorials or online classes, WixVideo provides the ability to create multiple channels and easily update them on their Wix website, sell videos and rentals and offer monthly subscriptions – all commission free.

Wix Video follows Wix’s successful freemium model where some advanced features are offered as part of a premium offering.

“Video is a powerful medium, and we believe video creators should be the ones with the power, having complete control over how their content is displayed and how it is monetized,” said Danielle Raiz, Head of Wix Video at Wix.com. “Wix Video was developed to help our passionate users get the most out of the video by opening up exciting new options for display and distribution. Importantly, we decided that while other platforms may take portions of video revenues from users, Wix Video will take no commission and was launched, as with all of our products, to further increase Wix users’ successes.”

Wix Video’s state-of-the-art features and functionality include:

  • Industry-Leading Curation. Wix hosted and third party videos can be combined into a single playlist.
  • Complete Control. Wix Video is based on adaptive streaming that ensures both high-quality streaming and smooth playback, and users have full control of their layout and design.
  • Revenue Generation. Wix allows users to keep all the revenue they generate and the ability to deliver videos to their customers via subscriptions, individual purchases or a temporary pass for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Watch what Wix Video can do for you:

Learn more about Wix Video:


Wix Video App:

Check out how these Wix users are using Wix Video:

  • John Lovett – johnlovett.com
  • Diego Uchitel – diegouchitel.com/film
  • Slate Goods NYC – Slategoods.nyc
  • An Evening with Bukowski – youneverhadit.org

Share This: #video creator? @Wix Video is the new, all-in-one solution to showcase, promote & sell videos online: http://www.wix.com/wix-lp/wix-video

Share This: #video revolution? @Wix Video enables you to showcase, promote & sell videos online. See for yourself: http://www.wix.com/wix-lp/wix-video


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