Pervacio opens regional hub in Finland

Increasing demand for its services across Europe has led to mobile device automation solutions specialist Pervacio opening a regional development, engineering and management hub in Finland. 

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The company’s new office is in Turku on the country’s southwest coast. Finland’s former capital, Turku is home to several university campuses plus a dynamic IT industry, offering not only the resources that will enable Pervacio to innovate, but also that all-important talent pool.

Pervacio will take advantage of this location to recruit highly experienced personnel with more than 20 years’ experience in mobile device software development. The Turku office will provide local program management, a call centre and certification for the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. In due course it will expand to support the broader EU region and will develop research and development activities.

The new intake of program managers will bring wide experience and knowledge of the mobile device industry, particularly in warehouse, retail and consumer PC applications. Meanwhile, Pervacio’s new developers are experts in device USB and TCP/IP connectivity, embedded software development, Windows ecosystem, application architecture, web connectivity and PC application development.

Pervacio has developed a platform that provides end-to-end management for mobile devices irrespective of the network, type of mobile device, operating platform or where the device is in its usage lifecycle. Its solutions are purpose-designed to solve the unique set of problems faced by those operating in the forward and reverse supply of mobile and smart electronic devices. More and more end users, who include carriers, manufacturers, retailers and insurance underwriters, are using Pervacio’s patented products to simplify, centralise and speed up their operations while simultaneously cutting costs.

Pervacio’s CEO, Sanjay Kanodia, said: “Stakeholders across Europe are recognising our unrivalled investment in research and our engineering and certification network. It is because of this commitment, along with our global reach, that they are choosing to partner with us, creating a significant increase in demand for our services.

“The new hub in Finland will operate alongside our well-established offices in the UK and Hungary; enabling us to expand our operation while also providing ongoing support for existing customers throughout Europe.”

The decision to open a Scandinavian base marks the latest phase in the company’s business growth and follows the launch of Pervacio’s Global Innovation Centre and further expansion of the hub serving the EMEA/Asia Pacific region, both of which are located in India.

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