New German market research highlights requirement for advanced email security to protect organisations from ransomware and impersonation attacks

Munich, Germany, October 4, 2017 – Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, today announced its plan to expand into Germany.

Mimecast’s new office in Munich will serve as a regional hub for Central Europe and strengthen ties with existing customers and partners. Mimecast will build a team that offers high-quality local German-speaking customer service, technical support and partner program management. Mimecast will also open two fully replicated data centres in Germany in 2018 to support the growing appetite for local data residency.

Mimecast is 100% committed to the channel and is currently recruiting additional German partners to accelerate its growth and further enhance customer experience in the region.

“Mimecast is all-in on Germany with a long-term view on investment in technology infrastructure and jobs,” said Michael Heuer, Country Manager – Central Europe.

“Email is a critical service for organizations and they need help to archive their growing volumes of data in a highly secure repository while providing powerful search tools that allow employees to easily access this information quickly for productivity and GDPR compliance.

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“Our research shows that advanced email attacks in Germany are growing and many firms have not yet embraced a cyber resilience strategy. It’s vital that organizations not only invest in preventing attacks but also prepare how to keep their business working during an incident,” he added.

Mimecast German research highlights*

  • Sophisticated email attack volumes are rising – 55% of respondents had seen more targeted spear-phishing with malicious links in the last 3 months. 47% saw impersonation fraud asking for confidential data rise and 43% for fraudulent wire transfers
  • 61% of organizations had some of their data encrypted by ransomware in 2017 with 37% of those affected paying the ransom
  • Only 19% of German organizations have already adopted a cyber resilience strategy

Mimecast’s integrated cloud suite is designed to comprehensively manage email security, archiving and business continuity for on-premises and cloud services like Microsoft Office 365.

Prospective customers, partners and employees are invited to meet Mimecast representatives at the it-sa 2017 exhibition and congress held on 10-12 October in Nuremberg. Hall 10.1-214.

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