Loom Systems Selected As a Gartner “Cool Vendor”

Vendors selected for the “Cool Vendor” report are innovative, impactful and intriguing

Loom Systems, a provider of an AI-powered log analysis software platform, announced today it has been included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the Performance Analysis report by Gartner, Inc. The report states, “In an attempt to tame an increasingly complex IT environment, several vendors are bringing advanced analytics and enhanced scalability to the availability and performance management market.”

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Targeted at DevOps and IT professionals, Loom Systems’ AIOps platform is used to analyse log data generated by applications and infrastructure. Loom’s software can be used with multiple data types including events and metrics and from multiple data sources both directly and via other management tools. Loom’s AIOps platform automates the skill-intensive tasks associated with preparing data for analysis while simplifying implementation and speeding time to value.

Loom’s software platform conducts root-cause analysis and actionable mitigation recommendations through its Tribal Knowledge Bank™ (TriKB) and uses a combination of machine learning technologies to provide predictive insights and a virtual personal assistant-like recommendation engine.

“We consider our inclusion in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner, confirmation of our mission to develop technology that analyses both human and machine-generated data down to the single event or transaction,” said Gabby Menachem, CEO and founder, Loom Systems. “We apply artificial intelligence to remove the pre-processing IT teams need to do before they can analyse data and we also provide an intelligence layer that ties log data to remediation and action.”

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